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A tarpaulin bundle refers to a multi-pack purchase of tarps or tarpsheets in assorted sizes at a discounted bulk price. Tarps are a versatile, inexpensive material useful for a variety of projects both large and small. By purchasing a bundled pack of tarps, consumers can gain the benefits of multiple tarps while spending less per Tarpaulin than buying individually.

What are tarpaulin bundles?

A tarpaulin bundle refers to a cost-effective multi-pack of plastic tarps sold together at a discounted price compared to individually purchasing each tarp size. They contain various-sized tarps suitable for a wide range of uses around the home, workshop, construction site, or for vehicle and equipment covering.

Cost Savings

Buying a bundle is almost always cheaper per tarp than buying each size individually. This saves you money in the long run.


With different-sized Clear Tarpaulin, you have options for small, medium, and large covering jobs. This saves needing to buy additional tarps later.


Whether you need to waterproof storage areas, lay down ground protection, or create makeshift shelters, a tarp bundle provides the materials to handle many tasks.

Choosing the right tarpaulin bundle

With so many options available, it’s important to choose a tarpaulin bundle with the right combination of sizes for your specific needs. When selecting which multi-pack bundle to purchase, consider the following factors:

Your intended uses

What projects or usage scenarios will the tarps be for? Prioritize sizes suited to those tasks.

Popular standard sizes

Look for a bundle containing the most commonly useful 3×5, 8×10, 10×12, and 12×16 foot tarps. These sizes will be versatile for many jobs.

Larger tarps

If you need to frequently cover extra large areas, ensure the bundle includes one or two 12×16-foot or larger tarps for big surface protection jobs.

Tarp material thickness

Thicker 10oz or heavier tarps stand up to wear and weather better, especially for larger or longer-term coverings.

Reinforced edges

Hemmed tarps with bonded edges will last longer than raw edge tarps when used outdoors or in job site conditions.

Additional features of quality tarpaulin bundles

When assessing different tarpaulin bundle options, consider these additional quality features of the tarps themselves:

UV Resistance

UV-resistant tarps protect contents from damage caused by sun exposure over time. Opt for tarps with UV inhibitors.

Mildew & Rot Resistance

Tarps treated with mildew stat inhibitors retain flexibility and strength much longer when used in damp environments.


Stress points at corners and grommet holes should be reinforced with thicker plastic backing for longevity under strain.


Zinc-plated brass grommets in all four corners securely anchor down even large tarps under windy conditions.


Multi-year warranties against defects and premature breakdown demonstrate the manufacturer’s confidence.

Tarp Material

Polyethylene (PE) plastic tarps are heavier-duty than canvas and better suited for long-term outdoor exposure. Look for 12-16 oz/yd^2 thickness.

Storing and maintaining your tarpaulin bundle tarps

To maximize the lifespan of your investment in a tarpaulin bundle, it’s important to properly store and maintain the tarps between uses.


Keep tarps dry and out of direct sunlight when not in use. Roll tarps tightly, rather than folding them, to prevent creases that can lead to cracking. For long-term storage, cover rolled tarps with a breathable cloth to shield them from dust/debris.


Handwash using mild dish soap and a soft brush to scrub any surface dirt or buildup. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and allow to air dry completely before storing or rolling up. Consider spraying with additional UV protectants twice annually if used for long-term outdoor projects.

Common projects to use tarpaulin bundle tarps for

There are countless uses for tarps around both the home and job site. Here are some of the most common projects that tarps from a multi-pack bundle can lend a hand with:

Cost Comparison

It’s always worthwhile to compare the per-unit cost of a bundle versus buying tarps individually. Bundles often provide a 25-50% cost savings compared to separate purchases. These savings compound as the bundle size increases.

Brand Research

Like any product, tarp quality can vary between brands. Consumer reports and reviews help assess the longest-lasting options. Contractors especially benefit from heavy-duty, reinforced tarps that withstand weather and daily job site use.


Tarps paired with additional products provide full covering solutions. Options like grommet strips, rope, stakes, and tarp sheets expand usage. Integrated grommets in tarps streamline securing with other hardware.

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Sizing Flexibility

While bundles contain standard sizes, many manufacturers allow building a custom bundle if certain dimensions are needed in larger quantities. This ensures perfect coverage for non-standard structures or vehicles.

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