Simplified Methods to Check Your FAB Bank Balance: Online, Mobile, and Customer Care

Checking your FAB bank balance has never been easier with simplified methods tailored to your convenience. Online banking offers swift access via the bank’s website or app, allowing seamless balance checks anytime, anywhere. Harnessing the power of mobile banking apps grants you instant updates at your fingertips, enabling effortless monitoring on-the-go.

Alternatively, rely on customer care services for personalized assistance, dialing in to inquire about your account balance hassle-free. With these streamlined options, managing your finances becomes a breeze, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your FAB bank balance effortlessly.

You have some options to fab balance check. Now we are using their official website to check balance or salary. So let’s begin by just following simple steps.

  1. Checking FAB Balance Online:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

  • Begin by visiting the official FAB Bank website through the provided link.

#2: Enter Card Details

  • Input the last two digits of your bank card and your Bank Card ID Number accurately.

Step 3: Click “GO”

  • Once details are entered, click on the “GO” button to proceed.

2. Fab Bank Balance Check Online via Mobile Banking App:

  • Download the FAB Bank mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Log in using your credentials or register if you’re a new user.
  • Verify your account through mobile number, email, and documents.
  • Upon successful login, your balance will be displayed on the home screen.


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  1. Fab Balance Enquiry Customer Care:
  • Contact customer care services for balance enquiries via phone or WhatsApp at +1 (704) 771–0476.
  1. Opening an FAB Bank Account:
  • Visit a nearby bank branch, fill out an application form, and provide necessary documents.
  • Alternatively, open an account via the mobile app or official website.
  • Customer care assistance is also available for account opening.

Requirements for Fab Bank Account Opening:

  • Valid passport, residency visa, and Emirates ID copies.
  • Salary certificate and approval labor contract.
  • Company license or partnership agreement.
  • Tenancy contract and partner Emirates ID, passport, and visa copies.

Types of Accounts Offered:

  • Personal, savings, elite, and company accounts are available.

Activation of Fab Ratibi Card Online:

  • Download the FAB mobile banking app.
  • Log in or register your account.
  • Enter debit card details and verify mobile number and email address.

Changing FAB Mobile Number:

Step 1: Login and Access Profile

  • Open the mobile banking app and log in.
  • Click on the menu button and select “Edit Profile.”

Step 2: Update Details

  • Choose “Personal Details” and select “Edit Mobile Number.”
  • Enter the new number and confirm.

Updating Email and Other Details:

  • Similarly, update email addresses and other personal information under “Edit Email Address” and “Edit Profile.”

Conclusion: With FAB Bank’s user-friendly online platforms and customer care services, checking your balance, opening accounts, and managing account details have become streamlined processes. Whether through the website, mobile app, or customer care, FAB ensures convenient and secure banking experiences for its customers. Stay connected and in control of your finances with FAB Bank’s accessible services.

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