SBI Credit Card International Usage And Foreign Transaction Fees

SBI Card charges its clients fees for its many credit card services. These services include foreign payments, partial bill payments, balance transfers, cash withdrawals using an SBI credit card, and more. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about SBI credit card fees, including interest rates, late fees, and currency markups. In addition to that, you will also be provided with an SBI credit card customer care number. Depending on your needs and spending habits, you may select from various SBI credit card options and ensure you make your SBI credit card payment timely. In addition to the features and advantages of credit cards that SBI offers for international usage, you may pay small fees for various credit card services.

Steps to Activate International SBI Card

You must follow this step to activate your SBI international credit card securely.

  • Step 1- Visit the official home page of SBI internet banking.
  • Step 2- You must click the “services” option.
  • Step 3- After that, you should click on “Manage Card Usage”
  • Step 4- From “International”, change it to “Domestic” transaction.

SBI Card App

  • Step 1-  Go to the main menu. 
  • Step 2- Choose the ‘Services’ menu item. 
  • Step 3- Then, choose “Manage Card Usage.” 
  • Step 4- Under Manage Usages, switch the transaction type from Domestic to International. 

Through SMS

You may send an SMS to approve overseas payments on your SBI card using a mobile device. With ease, text the following to 5676791: SMS INTL.  After that, you can use your card for online and ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale transactions made abroad.

Top SBI Credit Cards for International Use

The State Bank of India provides three credit cards for international usage, which are as follows:-

Air India SBI Platinum Card

This SBI credit card is ideal if you often travel with Air India. An easy conversion rate of 1 reward point = 1 Air India Air Mile is available when using the card to convert the 5000 reward points with the welcome bonus into Air India air miles. For all cardholders, there is a complimentary subscription to the Air India reward program called Flying Returns.


  • Reward Points: On flying returns, one reward point equals one Air India mile.
  • For every Rs. 100 spent, receive two reward points. 
  • Get extra reward points of up to 15,000 each year. 
  • With every Rs. 100 spend on Air India, you may earn 15 reward points. (15 reward points for purchasing tickets on your own, and 5 reward points for purchasing tickets for others) 

Yatra SBI Credit Card

For tourists, the Yatra SBI credit card is a joy. It provides a range of advantages and perks for domestic and foreign passengers. This card is the best option for you if you travel frequently, both domestically and internationally.  


  • For every Rs. 100 spent on restaurants, entertainment, movies, groceries, department shops and overseas purchases, you will receive 6 reward points.
  • Get a coupon for Rs. 8,250 on
  • Within 30 days of acquiring the card, use it to withdraw cash to receive a Rs. 100 payback.
  • Complimentary air accident protection of Rs. 50,00,000
  • Standing orders for the payment of utility bills
  • Waiver of fuel surcharge: You may use this card at any petrol bunk in India and avoid paying the extra 1% fuel—a monthly maximum waiver of Rs. 100. 

Club Vistara SBI Card Prime

The Club Vistara SBI Card Prime offers members a range of advantages and privileges while flying with Vistara, India’s latest airline. Vistara is a collaborative venture between TATA and Singapore Airlines. It has rapidly established itself as one of the top airlines in the country. If you would like to avail benefits on this particular airline brand, you can use this card offered by SBI. With the help of this SBI card payment, you can avail of various benefits, and if you have some queries, contact the SBI credit card customer care number.


  • For every Rs. 200 spent on the card, earn 4 Club Vistara Points. 
  • After paying the initial yearly charge, receive one coupon for a premium economy ticket. 
  • After 90 days of obtaining the card, spend Rs. 75,000 to get 3,000 extra CV points. 
  • Receive one premium economy ticket for every Rs. 1,50,000, Rs. 3,00,000, Rs. 4,50,000, and Rs. 8,00,000 spent annually. Plus, receive a complimentary $99. Priority Pass membership.
  • Discounts of 5% off and 10% off Hertz Rental
  • 33% off of a few hotels and eateries. 
  • Standing orders for the payment of utility bills

The Foreign Currency Transaction Charge is 3.5% for every cardholder. On the other hand, it is 1.99% for people holding Elite and Aurum Credit Cards.


Using your SBI credit card for foreign transactions entails advantages and charges. When using your card overseas, it is important to be mindful of any potential foreign transaction fees that may be charged. These costs are comparable to a little surcharge for utilizing your card in a foreign nation. One advantage of SBI credit cards is that they allow for convenient global purchasing. Simply monitor your expenditures. Whether you purchase abroad or eat in a different country, your SBI credit card payment is your international companion. If you need help with your international credit card,  contact an SBI credit card customer care number.

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