Robots for assisted living – an innovative way to look after ageing adults

HISThe pandemic paved the way for the development of virtual assisted living to look after ageing adults in nursing homes. Although the concept came to the surface before the pandemic broke out, the trend has only become a new urgency since the pandemic. Millions of people, including workers, died of Covid-19, and those who managed to win the battle had to put up with extended isolation from families.

This came as a blow to several nursing homes because thousands of workers had left; some were closed down, leaving vulnerable ageing people in the lurch. But then, a breakthrough invention found its way to fill the gap.

These robots are aimed at improving assisted living care services by working side by side with assisted living staff. A couple of robots have been designed, each performing different tasks, but they are all designed to carry out mundane tasks, leaving humans to serve residents best.

Robots are deemed to play a paramount role in reminding patients to take their medications, encouraging them to stay socially engaged, delivering meals, reminding patients to drink, carrying back dirty dishes, and cleaning and entertaining them.

Types of assisted living robots

Assisted living robots are not aimed at replacing humans. They are rather aimed at working side by side to help with routine tasks so that you can pay heed to the care of your patients more effectively and efficiently. Whether you just want to whittle down your operational costs or delight your residents, robots are always there to lend you a helping hand. They are categorised into three types – delivery, hospitality and cleaning robots.

  • BellaBoat

Equipped with multi-modal interaction and many other new functions, this robot is aimed at providing you with the best-ever food delivery experience. It can deliver mail, water and meals. I can handle four residents at a time, announcing a tray number to them.

It is equipped with a 3D sensor that lets it detect an obstacle in the middle of the path. As it senses any obstacles or objects getting in its way, it immediately stops and moves away. Different tasks trigger corresponding light effects, so the robot knows the task is completed. With the help of a new touch interaction technology, it has now become easier for people to give feedback.

It can give dozens of expressions that enable you to play with it as if you are playing with a real cat pet. The best part about this robot is that it supports a decentralised network communication scheme. It means each robot can directly communicate with other robots in the same network and quickly make decisions. This is how robots can perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.

  • KettyBot

If you are looking for a more affordable robot to help you with delivery services, this robot can be the best bet. This is featured with AI voice interaction that enables it to greet and interact while passing through customers. The main feature of this robot is to deliver food and other goods to a desired destination.

Its minimalist design and compact body can allow the robot to pass through even a narrower space. This is the perfect choice for crowded work facilities. The nursing staff can also use this robot for eye-catching marketing. The ad display in the centre can be used for promotional marketing. In other words, it is not just an open delivery robot but it is also a marketing expert on wheels.

These features make this robot different from BellaBot, and in spite of that, they are quite affordable. However, if you still need some money to fill the gap, you can think of taking out a cash loan for short terms.

Its minimalist design makes it more compact, which helps it provide the best customer experience. Since it comes with multiple serving trays, it helps reduce the waiter’s workload. Like BellaBot, it can communicate with other robots in the same network for higher efficiency.

  • Whiz robot

Commercial floor cleaning can be very challenging when visitors constantly come in and out. While you are to deal with residents’ needs constantly. It can be challenging to pay heed to such monotonous and repeated tasks. Here comes the role of the Whiz robot. T has an autonomous vacuum sweeper perfectly designed to clean commercial flooring. It is actually cobot as it will work in harmony with cleaners. It can remember 600 cleaning routes, which makes it a remarkable cleaning assistant.

With the help of this cleaning robot, you no longer need manual vacuuming. It can clean carpets much more efficiently than your staff manually can. By relying on this robot for cleaning stuff, your staff can pay heed to other important tasks such as sanitation.

Once the battery is fully charged, it can clean up to 15,000 square feet and will notify you when the job is done.

  • Pepper the robot

Pepper is just not suitable for nursing homes, but they are the best bet for restaurants, hotels, banks and even corporations. It has been designed to host and entertain. It has also been trained to provide location-related information.

There are two models, and both models of this robot have the same features, enabling them to be suitable for the most demanding business situations. However, the premium model supports stationary jobs while the premium + Nav support mobility.

You can assign skills to the robot. Whether you want it to be more entertaining or you want to use it for lead generation, this robot can quickly learn the ways to perform assigned tasks. What makes Pepper so interesting is that it can recognise you by your face and greet you by your name. It can strike up a personalised conversation with people it knows.

The bottom line

Assisted living robots are helping both nursing homes and their residents. Although this investment can be quite hefty, it will help in the long run. It will work in harmony with humans by taking a load of repeated actions so you can pay attention to other, more important tasks.

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