Grow Profits Smoothly With Our Customizable Carousell Clone

The online classifieds market has seen tremendous growth in recent years. As more people use their smartphones and internet connectivity to search for deals and products, the ease and reach of digital classified platforms have made them increasingly popular that’s why Carousell clone also getting popular.

Carousell is one such marketplace that has found widespread success across many countries in Southeast Asia. Started in 2012, it has grown to become a household name for finding used and new items locally at affordable prices. With over 300 million listings across 8 markets, Carousell has clearly tapped into the massive demand for peer-to-peer commerce in the region.

However, as with any booming business niche, the classifieds industry also presents great opportunities for new startups and entrepreneurs. Launching your own marketplace platform modeled after Carousell can help you gain a slice of this thriving market. With well-designed features and optimal functionality, it’s entirely possible to compete with the big names and find success.

Our fully customizable Carousell clone script provides everything needed to launch such a promising classifieds venture quickly and profitably. It comes pre-built with all essential marketplace operations like listings, chatting, payments etc. Plus it offers unlimited scope for customization so you can uniquely brand your portal according to your target audience and objectives.

Our Carousell Clone Solution

Developed using modern technologies like PHP Laravel, React and PostgreSQL, our Carousell clone is lightening-fast, intuitive for users, and highly scalable to handle heavy traffic. Moreover, the codebase is totally white-labeled allowing you to incorporate your own logos, designs and color schemes for a distinct look and feel. Visit:

Core Features:

  • Robust listings management with images, videos, pricing etc
  • Advanced search and filtering of listings
  • Real-time messaging and audio/video calling
  • Multi-channel payment processing
  • User profiles, followers, wishlists
  • Notifications, reviews and ratings
  • Admin dashboard for reports and management
  • SEO-friendly URLs and social sharing
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS (additional cost)

Other than all functionalities essential for running an e-commerce classifieds portal smoothly, we also offer complete control over customizing the product as per your specific needs and vision. Some value-added features developers can work on include:

  • Premium listings with highlighted placement
  • Affiliate referral programs
  • Subscription-based pro user accounts
  • Categories, filters, autosuggestions
  • Custom login/registration forms
  • Order tracking and support tickets
  • Admin APIs for third-party integrations

Therefore, our Carousell clone solution provides an unparalleled opportunity to fast-track your online classifieds venture from idea to launch. With its highly scalable architecture and tremendous flexibility, you can easily compete with top names while keeping costs to a minimum.

Easy Customization

One of the biggest benefits of our clone solution is how effortlessly customizable and adaptable it is. New clients can personalize virtually every aspect of the frontend and backend dashboard according to their specific vision.

Some popular customization options available include:

Design and Colors

Built using an adaptive framework like Bootstrap, the clone supports fully customizable designs, colors, layouts, and templates. Developers can effortlessly change logos, buttons, navigation menus etc to match the company brand.

Categories and Fields

The admin panel allows configuring unique categories, subcategories, fields for listings as per the target niche. For example, parts for vehicles, furniture types, local services etc.

Pages and Sections

All static webpage content like About Us, Terms, Categories etc. can be edited conveniently from the backend. Additional pages for FAQs, Deals, Locations can also be added.

Dashboard and Reports

The admin control panel offers full UI customization with dedicated sections and widgets. Analytics reports on users, listings, sales are highly configurable via charts, graphs and filters.

Payments and Currency

Popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay etc can be plugged in quickly. Additionally, currency types and local payment methods can be supported based on target regions.

Additional Modules

As per specific needs, addons like inventory management, delivery/tracking integrations, loyalty programs etc can smoothly be incorporated using our plugin architecture and APIs.

Other than code-level access, we offer guidance through video conference with our experts during the initial setup and development stages. Once customized, clients fully own the platform code allowing unlimited internal development as their venture evolves. Overall, the ability to freely shape the software according to any business model makes our clone a solid investment.

Quick Setup and Launch

Launching from scratch often takes months of planning, development and testing before going live. However, with our pre-built clone solution, new marketplace startups can cut down this timeline significantly to get up and running within a few weeks only.

Plug-and-Play Installation

Using one-click installation scripts, setting up the clone on any hosting server takes less than an hour. Detailed manuals guide through the process step-by-step to save time.

Ready-to-Use Functionality

Core marketplace operations are already integrated, requiring minimal configuration. Over 90% work is complete so resources are freed up for customization and frontend polish instead of basic development.

Comprehensive Documentation

Extensive help documents, code comments and live demos help understand app flows deeply before launching. Developers can hit the ground running without issues.

Live Testing and Feedback

Before final launch, the beta portal can be tested by real users via private links. Valuable feedback speeds up bug-fixing for a seamless go-live experience.

By streamlining the launch roadmap, startups are able to dive into their markets confidently much sooner. Rapid integration of vital features empowers users right from Day 1, generating immediate traction while competition is still establishing. With proper marketing and network effects, rapid scaling can be achieved.

Robust Listings Management

Central to any Ecommerce marketplace success are well-managed listings that aid discoverability and conversions. Our clone comes equipped with a host of powerful features for exhaustive and user-friendly management of products, services and inventory.

Detailed Listing Fields

Sellers can add details like description, attributes, specifications, measurements etc using configurable text boxes, dropdowns or multi-select fields.

Multiple Media Uploads

Support for images, videos, floor plans, documents etc allows comprehensive showcasing of listings visually. Carousels and zoom functions enhance browsing.

Stock Tracking & Pricing

For inventoried items, options like quantity available, purchase price, MRP etc. help track stocks in real-time for smooth transactions.

Auto-Approval Settings

Moderation workflows ensure quality control while still keeping listings activation quick using preconfigured filters and automated approvals.

Advanced Search Tool

Listing searches can be optimized through numerous filters, dynamic autosuggestions, location pins on map interfaces for better discoverability.

Analytics & Reports

Insights into top listings, high traffic categories, performing filters help admins optimize the platform using data-driven decisions.

With such sophisticated features available at their fingertips, sellers can showcase their offerings like a pro while platform admins can maintain an organized marketplace effortlessly. This improves user experience manifold.

Engaging User Experience

In any marketplace, positive consumer interactions and experiences are key to retain users and fuel future growth. Our clone ensures platform users remain highly engaged through social features and seamless communication systems.

Profiles & Followers

Users can create informative profiles, showcase interests, build networks through mutual follows similar to Facebook or Instagram. This fosters sense of community.

Real-time Chat & Calls

Integrated instant messaging and voice/video calling options allow buyers and sellers to discuss products live, driving faster decisions and transactions.

Activity Feeds & Notifications

Automated timely alerts regarding favorites, purchases, messages etc. via push, email keep users updated about their interests and engaged on the platform.

Reviews & Photos

Enabling buyers to share reviews, photos and feedback increases trust for listings while helping sellers improve. Increased authenticity boosts marketplace integrity.

Wishlists & Watchlists

Users can maintain wishlists of desired items and watchlists to track price drops, availability of specific listings. This encourages repeat visits and impulse buying.

By optimizing core consumer behaviors through social and communication tools, our clone harnesses network effects to lock users into spending more time and money on the marketplace over competitor platforms. This translates to higher profits and more organic growth.

Secure Multi-Payment Options

Safeguarding financial transactions on any commerce platform is of utmost importance to protect consumer trust. Our clone supports diverse payment options from major global providers with robust security features.

Popular Payment Gateways

Integrations are available for the likes of PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, Flutterwave and others based on country or region. Localized payment methods also supported.

Multi-Currency Support

The system supports processing of listings and payments in different local currencies according to buyer-seller location using dynamic currency conversion.

Secure Order Processing

Order numbers, shipping addresses, payment status are tracked in real-time with purchase receipts and tracking sent over email on completion.

Fraud Detection Tools

Risk management capabilities help identify and block any suspicious transactions, chargebacks, refund requests through geolocation, velocity checks.

PCI Compliance

The clone follows strict PCI data security standards to protect stored card details using TLS encryption, regular vulnerability scanning and limited data access.

Payment Gateways APIs

Our integration APIs allow effortless inclusion of additional local gateways and payment methods as your business scales to new regions over time.

By addressing various transaction assurance needs, our clone empowers both consumers and merchants to confidently use the platform for all their purchasing needs. Coupled with 24/7 support coverage, we maintain highest payment security to accelerate the marketplace’s success and trust factor among users.

Analytics and Dashboard

Actionable business intelligence is key for marketplace owners to optimize performance, monetization strategies and profitability over the long run. Our clone equips admins with robust yet easy-to-use analytics and control panels.

Detailed Performance Reports

Graphs, charts and tables present invaluable trends like peak traffic times, top categories/listings, user activity patterns etc on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Configurable Dashboards

Custom widgets in the admin profile display vital widgets and KPIs at a glance. Configurable views allow tracking multiple portals simultaneously.

Category-wise Analysis

Insights into best-selling brands or subcategories aid data-driven decisions on inventory focus, promoted placement deals etc.

User and Listings Stats

Behavioral stats like new listings posted, user logins and profiles created provide a pulse on growth progress over time.

Real-time Notifications

Configure notification rules to stay updated on important order statuses, reviews, support tickets through emails and dashboard alerts.

By arming admins with such a powerful business intelligence suite, our clone empowers optimization strategies for increased earnings, conversions and long-term marketplace expansion. Insights allow making informative business decisions fast.

Marketing & Monetization

Running a successful classifieds portal means creatively employing multiple strategies to fill listing feeds and drive consistent user engagement for mutual profits. Our clone unlocks many monetization options.

Premium Upgrades and Subscriptions

Sell enhanced features, advanced account profiles, highlighted listing placement etc on monthly or annual subscriptions.

Recommended & Featured Listings

Sell prominent placement of select listings as recommended/featured posts for increased visibility. Budget options available.

Google AdSense & Affiliate Program

Implement an affiliate program or Google AdSense ads to earn from visitor numbers and engagement across the marketplace.

Deals, Discounts & Flash Sales

Time-bound category-based promotions & deals can attract user signups while boosting sales volumes simultaneously.

Promoted Fan Pages & Events

Build brand pages or community event pages to promote local businesses and gatherings on the portal.

By activating such diverse monetization streams, our clone empowers marketplace founders to earn consistent additional revenue on top of core transaction fees. This ensures long-term financial viability and growth potential.

Dedicated Support

While we focus on delivering a full-fledged product, clients also receive comprehensive customer care through our committed support division. Some offerings include:

Live Phone & Email Assistance

Premium clients are assigned dedicated support representatives for any queries post-sale via phone, email or live chat.

Free Platform Upgrades

As we regularly release improvements, all clients automatically receive new features, security patches and performance updates at no extra cost.

Detailed Documentation

Extensive documents, coding tutorials and API references allow clients to understand system in-depth and perform own customizations hassle-free.

Pre-Sales Consultation

Our experts are available prior to purchase for platform demonstrations, scope discussions and requirements analysis calls.

Bug Fixes & Maintenance

To ensure long-term value and utility, we offer bug fixing, scaling assistance, server migrations etc under support packages.

By prioritizing reliability, transparency and personal touch throughout – from pre-sales to long-term care, we equip our clients optimally to leverage the clone’s full potential successfully.


To guarantee fast, uninterrupted performance, especially during the crucial initial months, we provide premium web hosting facilities and security suite for our clone platform through trusted globally-scalable datacenter partners.

  • DDoS Protection from major attacks on servers
  • SSD Storage, CDN Delivery for accelerated speeds
  • Daily Automated Backups & Rollback Facility
  • SSL Certificate for Safe Browsing
  • Periodic Security Audits & Firewalls
  • Auto-scaling to Add Servers at Traffic Peaks
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring & Outage Notifications

By taking care of the core infrastructure needs proactively at an affordable package cost, we facilitate clients to solely focus energy on customizing and promoting their live marketplace portals instead of spending hours resolving technical issues. This ensures a smooth, accelerated growth journey.

Pricing Options

Since every business has unique budget and scale needs, we offer a range of purchase and subscription-based options to suit different requirements through economical and advanced packages.

  • Basic Starter Package: One-time $1999 for core features & 1 year support
  • Growth Package: $2999 yearly rental with priority upgrade access
  • Elite Package: $4999 once with advanced modules & dedicated account manager
  • Custom Enterprise Plans for 100,000+ user portals

Additionally, we provide flexible payment solutions like 6-month EMI or pay-as-you-grow models. Volume discounts also applicable for multiple portal setups under same client. Free demos, trials are offered to evaluate the clone comprehensively before buying.

Overall, our clone solution gives maximum value through its robust marketplace framework, complete hands-off operational support and affordable long-term investment oriented plans. These collectively guarantee higher returns on investment.


In summary, by leveraging powerful yet affordable clone technology of established platforms like Carousell, new entrepreneurs have a golden opportunity to launch competitive online classified ventures from ground-up easily.

Our specialized Carousell clone in particular overcomes major development hurdles through its fully-functional core and massive customizability. Backed by expert implementation guidance and robust post-sales care, clients are set up for assured success.

Some of our notable clients have already scaled their userbase to millions through continuously optimized portal operations using our clone’s data-driven capabilities and flexible business models.

If you wish to effectively tap the growing peer-to-peer commerce industry and diversify income streams, consider kickstarting your classified business journey with us today. Book a demo to explore our solutions.

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