Expert Guidance at No Cost: Free Immigration Lawyer Services

Are you looking for a free immigration lawyer in the UK? Or you are facing some problems in the immigration process like visa application, spouse visa, skilled worker visa, and permanent residence in the UK/ Green card. You are at the right place. We are immigration lawyers and provide free consultations for our precious clients. Our specialized team serves with great potential and professionalism. However, you can choose us for any of your immigration-related issues. We will provide the best consultation and free advice for your matter if it is not too complicated and legally complex.

We provide our services and consultation to sort out your legal complexities. Whether it’s a matter of your immigration application rejection or incomplete immigration documents, we offer you complete guidance throughout the process. Moreover, you can contact us if your visa expires and you need assistance in the renewal procedure.

Our services

We have an experienced and skilled team, so we provide our services in these categories.

Personal Immigration

If you want to move to the UK for any personal reason, we can assist you in obtaining a personal immigration visa. Whether it’s a visit visa or study visa, or you want to stay in the UK for personal reasons, we are here to guide you throughout the process. Our professional team is ready to help you with everything from application submission to visa approval and moving to the UK.

Business Immigration

Many business people want to explore their business worldwide, especially in the UK, because the UK is the land of opportunities. We have helped many clients who want to shift their business to the UK or open a new business franchise in the state. We serve them with zeal and zest. We have a list of satisfied and happy clients who moved their business to the UK. Furthermore, if you want to arrange a webinar or meeting in the UK with overseas clients and parties, we can assist you in a collaborative immigration procedure.

Skilled worker visa

We specialize in obtaining skilled worker visas for our clients trying to get a job in the UK. Many people apply for jobs in the UK, but very few get visas. Some reasons behind it are probably incomplete documents, no sponsorship, and zero guidance for work permits and visa approval. We deal with all the issues related to the skilled worker visa and successfully get visa approval for our clients.

Spouse visa

During your stay in the UK, if you are willing to live with your family or spouse, you can apply for a spouse visa for your wife. Spouse visas are sometimes very complex, and people don’t get the approval after trying many times. Our skilled team members can resolve this issue quickly as we deeply observe the possibility of getting approval. If you have a rejected application before consulting us, we will try to sort out all the complications and hurdles during the procedure.

Children or dependents visa application

Your children and dependents/parents can also apply for the visa. We are always keen to guide you and your dependents in making the visa approval process smooth.

Permanent residence/ green card

While you stay in the UK for more than five years, you can apply for a green card and prove your permanent residency eligibility here. Moreover, we can assist you with all the procedures, how to apply for the green card, and which benefits you can avail yourself of after getting the green card.

How you can contact us

You can contact us for any query related to the immigration process. Here are three possible ways to contact and avail yourself of an opportunity for free assistance.

Via phone call

You can get free advice from our skilled and professional solicitors by telephone. We are on a call away from you. Our office telephone is waiting for your response. You can freely call us at +447429294455 and +4401582966180.

Through an Email

You can also contact us via email. Our professional guidance will be on your way as we get an email letter from you. Our mailbox address is [email protected].

Walk-in meeting

The best part you never want to miss is a walk-in meeting. Our experienced team members will assist and guide you in our office. If all our members are busy with clients, you may have to wait until our solicitors are free. You can get free advice for almost 15 minutes. However, our proficient lawyers will help you or suggest some options if you have some complex issues related to immigration procedures.

Benefits of consulting via phone call

The consultation process on a phone call is absolutely free. In this busy life, everyone wants a proper and clear guideline in minimum time. People have no time to waste in foolish acts. So, a phone consultation is a very easy and superb idea. Your time and money will not be wasted if you discuss your immigration issues on a call. Moreover, in case of complications, you can get walk-in assistance. Additionally, you can visit our website for more help at

Our services for walk-in consultation

Our services for walk-in consultation include two steps. In the first step, our brilliant solicitor guides and helps you with your immigration problems and assists you in the first 15 minutes. If you are satisfied and get enough knowledge about your visa and immigration process, then it’s our achievement. However, if your case is more complex, we will refer you to options for resolving your immigration problems. A walk-in meeting is more reliable and effective because you can discuss your issues face-to-face with our team members. Our head office is in Luton, 68-72 Stuart St, LU1 2SW, United Kingdom.

Bottom lines

Here, we recommend you avail yourself of a free immigration lawyer facility with our professional team. We are serving our worldwide clients very proudly. All the possible ways to contact and get appointments are open for you. Our team members are eagerly wanting to serve you.


Is immigration consultation free in the UK?

Yes, many solicitors’ firms offer a free consultation to their visa and immigration clients.

How can I avail free advice from a professional immigration lawyer?

You can avail free advice from a professional immigration lawyer by calling +447429294455 and +4401582966180.

Why do I need an immigration lawyer to move to the UK?

It would be best to have a professional lawyer for legal assistance as the immigration procedure in the UK is very complicated. You can get a rejection for your visa application if you make a little mistake in your application submission.

In which categories can an immigration solicitor help?

An immigration lawyer can help you get a personal visa, business visa, spouse visa, skilled worker visa, and green card.

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