8 Best Things to Do in Grand Junction

If you appreciate being outside, a trip to Grand Junction, Colorado, ought to appear on the top of your wish list. It’s not a surprise that we’ve put up a comprehensive list of the top things to see and do in Grand Junction, Colorado with an Allegiant Airlines Flight ticket.

Best Things to Do in Grand Junction:


1. Mountain Biking


Grab (or rent) a mountain bike and prepare to ride! Grand Junction has some fantastic mountain riding tracks. There are many trails in the region, so you can choose one that matches your level of ability and style. Choose from easy, fast rides and technical, difficult ones. If you want something a little more difficult, the Tabeguache Trails would be a good fit. This trail, located on BLM land, is 142 miles long! But, most bikers choose to tackle the 23-mile Grand Junction segment. After all, with tight bends, steep slopes, and stunning views, this part provides enough difficulties and thrills.

2. Few Hiking Trails


If you don’t ride a mountain biker, you are still able to appreciate Grand Junction’s magnificent surroundings by taking a hike or two. There are countless wonderful routes to mention here, so we’ve chosen a few of our choices to draw attention to. First, we need to access the Independence Monument Trail – Monument Loop Trail. This five-mile path is one of Grand Junction’s most popular trails, with thousands of tourists each year – and with good reason! The towering red rocks, lush foliage, and big-horned sheep make up a picturesque setting.

Then there’s the Time Trail. This short 1.4-mile loop is ideal for first-time hikers and history aficionados alike, as it includes dinosaur fossils! Pretty awesome, right? Last but not least, the Rattlesnake Arches Trail from the Pollock Bench Trailhead is an excellent choice for a day trip. This 15-mile trek has hidden arches and stunning views around every curve!

3. Colorado River


Bring your kayak or speaking up paddleboard down the Colorado River and take pleasure in the moment on the surface. James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park as well as Highline Lake State Park represent two of the greatest famous paddling destinations in town.

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What better thing would you desire than calm waters and beautiful skies? Also, why not elevate your kayaking experience to another step with an amazing white-water rafting trip? Parts range from tranquil Class I to wild Class V, letting you choose the level of challenge that is best for you. “Grand Junction is one of the most welcoming locations to visit and live in Colorado.

4. Colorado National Monument


The famous Colorado National Monument is on nearly every itinerary of activities to do in Grand Junction. The Colorado National Monument provides an endless number of attractions. You can walk, cycle, rock climb, and camp to your heart’s delight. Take the time to take a trip down the ancient (and beautiful) Rim Rock Drive. The Colorado National Monument, like all national parks, requires an entrance charge. You may utilize your America the Beautiful sightseeing ticket to enter.

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5. Rock Climbing Skills


Climb to new heights with a thrilling Grand Junction rock climbing expedition. While there are a few places to climb, Unaweep Canyon is a local favorite. More than two thousand three hundred different climbing courses in this canyon, so there’s enough for everybody, from novices to experts. If you are new to escalating, think about joining a tour with an instructor. Your instructor can teach you the ropes as you ascend and rappel over some of Colorado’s most breathtaking terrain.

6. Night Out in Nature


While you’ll be spending the majority of your time in Grand Junction outdoors, why not utilize your nights there as well? This Colorado town has several excellent camping places. We’ve previously talked about the Colorado National Monument, although did you realize you can spend the evening there? The Saddlehorn Campground is the national park’s single campsite, and availability is not available to everyone. With parking, a picnic table, a charcoal BBQ, and a stunning night sky, you may not return.

7. Downtown Grand Junction


You will be in Downtown Grand Junction for any of the following reasons: consuming food, purchasing goods, or artwork. First, let’s talk about cuisine. Many of the greatest restaurants in town serve modern American food, such as Bin 707 Food bar and 626 on Rood. Rockslide Restaurant & Brewery serves classic pub fare. And you are unable to go incorrect in either case. After eating something delicious, you can do a little retail therapy. Finally, to complete your tour of central Grand Junction, you ought to investigate the cultural sector.

8. Summer Farmers Market


When the temperature warms up, Grand Junction activities sprout out left and right, starting with the summer Downtown Farmers’ Market. Buying at this community market is one of the most enjoyable activities to do in Grand Junction. Avoid missing out on the famed Palisade peach! These delectable fruits are great for eating, preserving, and baking.

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