17 winners have been introduced for the swiss design awards 2021


from recycled scrapped laced manner models to algorithmic flooring tiles and vivid expressional graphics to superimposed images, 17 winners have been declared for the swiss style and design awards 2021. the level of competition prompts and encourages swiss ingenuity, with only both swiss-born designers or designers positioned in the place in a position to enter. an array of inventive groups are represented, showcasing the latest of improvements in numerous disciplines which includes pictures, graphic design, fashion and textile design, product and industrial style, scenography, and even mediation.

rooting by AATB: andrea anner and thibault brevet

(top impression: ‘self identities’, les urbaines 2017 – 2019 by eurostandard: ali-eddine abdelkhalek, pierrick brégeon and clément rouzaud)



like each and every of its yearly editions, the swiss design and style awards 2021 is a competition that catalyzes creativeness in the alpine country. even so, the outlook and get to of the perform is generally considerably a lot more intercontinental. because of to the pandemic, the awards had been steeped in even more value of connecting creatives, sharing tips and building for world-wide issues. exciting projects were being born from the crisis. immediately after all, creatives the natural way discover remedies and question founded paradigms.

swiss design awards 2021 crowns winners in exhibition during art basel
the dresses under my mattress by mariel manuel



from 247 entries, the jury of esteemed industry experts in the inventive industries narrowed submissions to 48 stunning works across the six unique disciplines. judges then scrutinized the final operate paying out exclusive awareness to excellent, influence, modern day relevance and innovativeness. laureates incorporate AATB’s algorithm-designed outside flooring, mariel manuel’s manner fashioned from recycled swiss lace, the reinterpretation of traditionally unbiased comedian publisher edition moderne, quentin lacombe’s superimposed photography of metropolis throughout COVID lockdowns, and eurostandard’s all-but-standard graphic structure using unconventional and experimental electronic instruments. just about every winner acquired prize money of 25,000 swiss francs.

swiss design awards 2021 crowns winners in exhibition during art basel
version moderne: julia marti and claudio barandun



swiss structure awards 2021 reveals winners at artwork basel


the work of the 48 finalists are on display at a devoted multi-disciplinary exhibition in basel, switzerland from september 20-26, coinciding with art basel 2021. visitors can uncover the ideas as nicely as 17 winning styles up shut, communicate with the creatives, network and extra. a e book mimics an encyclopaedia for the swiss design award 2021, acting as a miniature of the exhibition for visitors to take home with them.

swiss design awards 2021 crowns winners in exhibition during art basel
CRUCIBLE OF TIME by quentin lacombe

swiss design awards 2021 crowns winners in exhibition during art basel
UNTITLED by marc asekhame