“I seen her as an English archetype,” he ongoing. “Like a parody of a Nineteen Fifties suburban housewife crossed with a dominatrix, the mirror image of Margaret Thatcher.”

Ms. Mooney, he defined, was a figurehead for a know-how of disaffected children in the midst of the grim Thatcher a number of years. She was heroic in a manner, a superhuman and fairly fantastic technology of her have producing, an Amazon to kick to the suppress the wan and waifish Twiggy types who had preceded her. Ms. Mooney mentioned she noticed herself as a strolling artwork enterprise and was liberated, like her punk sisters, by the technique that women could possibly be threatening. Punk, anarchic however unisex, was a unbelievable equalizer.

Ms. Mooney additionally labored as a supervisor and stylist for the glam-punk band Adam and the Ants. She incessantly carried out with them, as effectively, howling a track termed “Lou,” a critique of Lou Reed that she had composed quickly after staying dissatisfied by a single of his exhibits.

She was a muse to the filmmaker Derek Jarman, memorably showing in his campy punk allegory “Jubilee” (1978), dancing on pointe in a fluffy “Swan Lake” tutu on a gritty backlot, in entrance of a bonfire through which the Union Jack sizzles.

Mr. Jarman filmed her marriage in 1981 to Kevin Mooney, who was for a restricted time the bassist for the Ants. She was 26, and Mr. Mooney was 18, and when Ms. Westwood heard the knowledge, she fired her. (The store, which had been renamed Seditionaries in 1976, was at that stage often called World’s Conclusion.) Marriage, Ms. Westwood felt, was a burdensome bourgeois assemble, and for Ms. Mooney to enter into to it was an unforgivable transgression of the shop’s philosophy and Ms. Westwood’s personal beliefs.

The connection was not a delighted only one, marked by the couple’s heroin habits — Mr. Mooney offered her garments at a single stage, and as soon as hurled her kitten in opposition to a wall — and Ms. Mooney escaped instantly after two a few years. She detoxed on her private, at her dad and mom’ property in Seaford, telling them that she skilled the flu. She remained in her hometown and reinvented herself as a breeder of Burmese cats and a veterinary nurse.