No matter how much you plan sometimes you are bound to come across an occasion where you need to make a present to a family member, co-worker, in-law, or boss without any preparation time. While you may make a gift out of anything (given, you know the person well) generally people tend towards jewellery, fragrances, cosmetics, or clothing for women and colognes, ties, cufflinks, office stationery for men. When it’s a last-minute decision then you should always stick to fragrances i.e. in any form regardless of gender. You are wondering, why is that?

Because anything other than that requires more planning and let’s be honest, you may buy a hot red tie or a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings, but they may not look good on them. A fragrance on the other hand poses no such issues. And if you want reasonably priced ones then head to Bath & Body Works online store because you will find great gift ideas there.

Gift for Her

At times you just want to remind your loved ones that you care for them and nothing says it better than a thoughtful present. When it comes to fragrances, you don’t have to buy a single perfume, you can always get an elegant gift set that comes with a body spray and a lotion such as A Thousand Wishes gift set or In The Stars mini gift box set. You don’t even have to pack these unless the occasion warrants it. For a personal touch, you can mix and match Forever Red fine fragrance mist, Hello Beautiful Ultra Shea body cream, You’re the One hand cream to create a personal gift set that will remind the lady how important she is in your life.

 Gift for Him

Gifts are reminders that you care for the people who make your life beautiful whether you want to say thank you to your hubby or your awesome dad or just surprise them with something wonderful. Some cool yet pocket-friendly gifts for the men in your life include colognes such as Ocean or Bourbon, Freshwater deodorizing body spray Graphite 3-in-1 hair, face & body wash, Eucalyptus Spearmint car fragrance refill, Chamomile Bergamot pillow and body mist. Once you have made your selection from Bath & Body Works then redeem the Bath & Body Works Discount Code and avail yourself of big discounts.

Gift for Home

When you go gift shopping, buy one for yourself too because simply who can resist beautiful little wonders. You can give these gifts to any lady especially if she is a dedicated homemaker and loves home décor. The candles and fragrances won’t seem like you are intruding into her personal space since these things are not overbearing in any way. Big chance you might keep the Purple Bouquet Wallflowers Fragrance Plug, Fresh Cut Lilacs 3-wick candle, Japanese Cherry Blossom wallflowers fragrance refill and Kitchen Lemon gentle foaming hand soap for your home.

Gift Bags

Now, you are done gift shopping, add the final touch with a gift bag especially since you don’t have time to pack. If it’s a birthday party then the Happy Birthday canvas bag can hold all the goodies whereas if it’s just a surprise you want to give to your loved ones then the Let’s Celebrate gift bag is a great choice. While you are at it, you may as well pick up a cosmetic bag for travelling for yourself and a toiletry bag for your partner. The Unicorn Cosmetic Bag, Pink iridescent cosmetic bag, Camouflage travel toiletry bag make neat gifts too for people who are frequent travellers.